Chapter 1: Subscription Product Catalogue Basics introduced the core concepts of a Subscription Product Catalogue.

Here in Chapter 2: Acquisition campaigns in action, practical examples showing how a subscription marketer can use their Subscription Product Catalogue to acquire new subscribers are given.

An acquisition campaign is a marketing effort to acquire first-time subscribers, usually with a discount, incentive or a bundle. It’s typically run over public channels, ie, a website, social media channel such as Facebook or You Tube, or emails to registered users who have not yet converted. The pricing is usually fairly public and harmonised.

Not all subscription businesses are equal

Acquisition campaigns can vary according to the products being sold. However, broadly, there are three types of subscription businesses.

But all subscription businesses must acquire new customers

Savvy marketers will run several subscription campaigns per week to win in the everlasting war for attention. These may:

  • Be specific to particular regions
  • Include a special discount pricing, bundle, newly owned or third-party product
  • Only be available to certain people, ie students or a captive audience such as registered users or users of third-party products who have agreed to receive third-party offers
  • Be specific to a dedicated channel, ie the iPhone app store.
  • Contain personalised communications, such as custom design and content

At peak times of the year such as during the Christmas period, subscription marketers can run up to five different subscription marketing campaigns a week for the same ‘product.’

Everything comes at a cost

A campaign is not just for Christmas, it’s for life. Once a subscriber signs up, you may retire the campaign but you will still have the subscriber on the designated product and pricing campaign - this is what people call ‘grandfathered plans.' Removing this subscriber from this campaign involves a product or price migration, which can be a painful communication exercise (see the infamous 'Netflix Pricing Debacle').

At Limio, we help you not only to manage your subscription acquisition campaigns, personalise your offers and your promotional strategy, and track campaign performance across digital channels. And we don't stop there. Once acquired, we help subscription marketers to retain, cross-sell, upsell and win back as well as migrate subscribers to new prices and offers.

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