We have worked on rebranding for the last 6 months, and after a lot of iterations, Innovate42 is now Limio 🎉

Why rename?

Innovate42 evoked a consultancy. For us, it was always a project name, not a company name. Lots of people told us they didn’t like the name. Users of our product called us Innovate, not Innovate42. All around, the brand didn’t feel right.

Why Limio?

We wanted a name that was simpler and shorter. Limio means laminar in Italian - a laminar flow is a smooth flow, and we want to help subscription companies deliver the smoothest experiences possible to effectively acquire, retain, cross-sell and upsell subscribers.

We loved this logo for a couple of reasons. We’ve always been partial to an animal, and some see a bird. We also liked the loops and the proximity to the infinity sign. Whether we will be 'helping your subscriptions take off’ or ‘keep your subscribers forever’, we felt it was the closest to our vision and the most elegant.

What next?

Our new name and logo does not come alone. We have released a brand new website at www.limio.com.

Now comes the exciting part! Our developers have been working hard and we have a lot of exciting releases planned for the next couple of months. Here's a quick sneak peak:

  • New product! We are also launching the first standalone Product Catalogue application (website) for the media industry, after many chats with marketing and technology executives at the Guardian, FT, News UK, TI Media, Dennis Publishing, Sky and the Economist.
  • More features for Subscription Checkout: We will be releasing new journeys and rolling-out more configuration options, leveraging some of the latest features from Lightning such as Salesforce Platform Events and Lightning Flows.

Want to learn more? Request a demo now and speak with our CEO & Cofounder, Amaury 👇