Here are the latest releases from Q1 2019 for our Salesforce app, Checkout.

More visual configuration

All Limio’s managed package configurable settings can now viewed centrally by going to the icAssist Setup object. Previously, only Gateway Configuration and Data Protection Settings were viewable via the Salesforce UI. Now, you can also visualise the application settings, such as Payment Methods, ProductTypes, Custom fields etc... in a user-friendly format.

To modify them, go to Custom Metadata Type, then select the ic Assist Config object and click ‘Manage ic Assist Config’, then select the item to modify, for example ‘uiSettings - DeveloperSettings’. Then modify the Config field as needed.

Zuora API update

We have recently improved the Zuora API calls. We will now retrieve all invoices attached to an account as part of the Take Payment journey.

New logging tool

Log Monitor is a functionality delivered in Checkout to help Salesforce administrator troubleshoot issues in the Limio managed package and assist in identifying whether issues are from the managed package or tenant-specific custom code. It is based on Salesforce's Platform Events and overcomes some of the limitations of Salesforce native logging (System.debug). Head to our blog for more details.

Project Flow shipped!

In our Q4 update, Limio announced the kick-off of a big project,  'Project Flow', in collaboration with Salesforce’s Lightning Flow Product team. Project Flow opens up the ability to take discrete components of the Limio application, say the payment screen or the product catalogue viewer, and use them in any order you would like as well as embed intermediary business logic or additional UI elements. This allow to breakdown Limio’s journeys in flows and embed customer-specific business logic alongside them.

Switch journey available

One of the top feature requests we’ve had has been to facilitate the switching of product for CSRs, for example a downgrade a Print + Digital to a Digital subscription. This is now possible via the Switch functionality. Switch automatically adjust the start date to match the end date of the previous subscriptions.

Unified view

We want to make the CSR journeys as fast as possible, while encouraging them to cross-sell and upsell products. For that, agents must work in the same place. That’s why we have merged Suspend/Resume and Cancel on our single page app, alongside the Renew and new Switch. This has the additional benefits of moving all components to Lightning.

What's in store for Q2 2019?

We will focus on keep improving user journeys and configuration, as well as adopting the newest Salesforce programming model, Lightning Web Components.

A high-volume journey for CSR is Cancel and we would focus on functionality to help CSR to retain subscribers by recommending relevant offers. Similarly, we will be adding the possibility to recommend Upsell and Cross-Sell offers to the CSR as part of any order journey.