This post helps you to take best advantage of our Stripe Billing integration by correcting set up your Limio account and data in a way that takes best advantage of Stripe Billing concepts.

  1. Connecting your account
  2. Configurable fields
  3. Non-configurable fields
  4. Limio cut-off* (only available on-demand)

1. Connecting your Stripe Account

Click on the person in the upper right corner and go to Developers, then External Keys. Click on 'Connect with Stripe' to connect your Stripe account to your Limio account.

2. Configurable fields

Limio Product

There are two important fields:

  • Limio Product maps directly to Stripe Products. Only one Limio Product can be associated to a Limio Offer, as Stripe does not to input multiple products on one plan. The name of the Limio Product will be the name of the Stripe Product.
Stripe Product
  • Limio Offer Display Name maps directly to Stripe Pricing Plans. The Display Name of the Limio offer will be the nickname of the Stripe Plan.
Stripe Plans
The Limio Product and Limio Offer Display Name are mapped to Stripe 

Limio Price Editor

Limio Price Editor

Limio allows for any pricing, however Stripe Billing only supports a limited set of pricing. Here are the Limio values that are supported out-of-the-box our Stripe Billing integration.

  • Currency: All
  • Periodicity: Days, Weeks, Months, Years
  • Type of Charges: Recurring and One-Time
  • Charge Trigger: Start of Subscription (ASAP to Last Day), Order Date, Delayed (Days, Weeks, Months, Years)
  • Number of charges: You can add up to two charges, which must be a one-off and an open-ended (∞) recurring charge.

In practice, below are some examples of pricing that you can create in Limio and that will be created in Stripe.

  • A one-off charge will create a one-off invoice and payment in Stripe
  • A recurring charge with an ASAP start date will create a subscription starting immediately in Stripe:
  • A recurring charge with a delay - e.g. a free trial - will create a subscription with a free trial in Stripe

To support multiple subscription charges or other pricing, please contact

3. Non-configurable fields

At the time of order, Limio will collect customer information on the Checkout and automatically populate the following fields in Stripe:

  • Stripe Customer: Name, Billing details, Shipping details, Email, Phone, Limio ID

4. Limio cut-off* (only available on-demand)

Subscription boxes are often batch shipped, and so may require a cut-off date in order to avoid having boxes shipped too close together. If an order is taken after this cut-off date, the recurring plan will start the month after this cut-off date.

For example if:

  • Subscription start date is the 1st of the month.
  • Cut-off date is the 10th of the month

Case 1

  • Order date is 5th August
  • A box is immediately shipped on the 5th of August. The next box will be shipped on the 1st of September, because it is before the cut-off date of the 10th.

Case 2

  • Order date is 15th August
  • A box is shipped on the 15th August. However, the next box will be shipped on the 1st of  October as it is pass the cut-off date of the 10th.

To create this in Limio, you must create a one-off charge, a recurring charge starting on a day of the month, and input a cutoff date. See example below:

Limio Price Editor
Limio Order Cutoff Field

If your business has this logic, contact to activate this feature.