Before setting-up payment gateways, you must have set up your regions. To set up regions, read 'Set up Regions and Countries'

How do I add a payment gateway and configure its availability by country and currency?

If your payment gateway is available with Limio, you can add new instances of the payment gateway in our ipPaymentConfigApp app. To find the app, click on the (+) sign in the tabs, select the icAssist Setup object and click on ‘Gateway Configuration’.

The technical details (e.g. token, endpoints) will vary per payment gateway. For all new gateway, you will be able to select the Available Currencies and Available Regions. Payment gateways will only be shown during an order for Products that matches the Currency and Region.

Limio Checkout's Payment Config App

If you cannot update a record, please create a new one and delete the old config. Please contact if you have any issue.

How do I activate a Zuora Hosted Payment Page (iFrame) for Limio Checkout?

If you haven’t created a Hosted Payment Page, refer to the Zuora guide:
Create a Hosted Payment Page in Zuora. Use as Hosted Domain Name your visualforce domain, for example Use /callback for the Callback Path.

Once you have created your Hosted Payment Page, go in the Payment Config App, you will need to provide the entityName and named Credential.  To know the URL and PageId, go to Zuora and click Setup > Payments > Set up Hosted Page. Click on [Show Page Id] to get the PageId. To get the URL, click on the Page Name and copy the Hosted Page URL.

Zuora Hosted Page

Zuora setup in Limio Checkout's Payment Config App