Learn how to quickly create and configure your shop.

Limio Shop is integrated with the Limio platform APIs. The Shop can be directly configured and deployed from  the Limio app. This guide explains how can create, configure, and update your shop.

In this guide, we will assume you are using the standard Limio Components. You can always create your own components and create a custom shop - read our Component Guide to get you started.

Where is my shop?

When you create a Limio account, your account will be set up on the following sub-domain: https://yourdomain.prod.limio.com. Your shop will automatically be available at https://yourdomain-shop.prod.limio.com.

To add your shop to your own domain such as www.yourdomain.com, you will need to add your Limio domain (yourdomain-shop.prod.limio.com) as a CNAME record. Limio will then generate a SSL certificate. Please contact support@limio.com for assistance.

How to create the first page for my shop?

Pages of your Limio Shop are setup via Campaigns. To create your first page, follow these steps:

1. Create the Campaign: Click on '(+) Add Campaign'. Give the campaign a name, select a template (CampaignBase by default), then add a Tag. Other key fields you can configure are:

  • Meta Title: This text will appear in the browser thumbnail, for example 'Limio Shop'
  • Meta Description: This text will appear on search engines like Google, for example 'Limio helps you to create and scale subscription shops'.
  • Primary Color: This colour will set the checkout buttons colour. Use your main brand colour.
  • Font Family: The font to use for the page (you can always override this later).

2. Create Offers: If it's a commerce page, i.e. a page where you display your subscriptions for sale, you should first add Offers on the Campaign. Go to the Campaign and click '(+) Add Offers'. For the purpose of your shop, here are the key fields to configure:

  • Display Name: This is how the Offer will be displayed to the customer in our the Limio Component Offers. It's also visible on the Checkout.
  • CTA: This is the CTA displayed to the customer in our Limio Component Offers.
  • Offer Features: This is the list of features displayed to the customer in our Limio Component Offers.
  • Display Price: This is the price displayed to the customer in our Limio Component Offers.
  • Display Detailed Price: This is the fine print of the price displayed to the customer in our Limio Component Offers.
  • Payment Types: These are the payment methods available for an offer and displayed to the customer in Checkout, such as Credit Card.
  • Segments > Regions: The countries where an offer is available. The customer can navigate to this offer through the country picker.
  • Products: The physical product, digital service or entitlements that the customer is purchasing.

3.  Create your Page: Now, you are ready to create the visual elements of your page. Again, we'll assume you are using the standard Limio Components (which you can preview here). Limio Components are blocks of content. Go to your Campaign and click Page. You can search for the following components and drag & drop them on the page:

  • Header or LinkHeader: A header with a logo on the left and links on the right
  • HeroBanner: A large hero with a background image and text.
  • Offers: A display grid of the offers added on your campaign in step 1.
  • Headings: A text-only display
  • Features: A grid of an image plus text.
  • FaqBanner: A collapsible carousel for FAQs.
  • Carousel: A carousel of images
  • Section: An image plus text component.

4.  Deploy your page:

To deploy your page to your shop, approve the campaign. After a few minutes, your page will be available at https://yourdomain.prod.limio.com/<<Tag>>.

Additional questions

How to set up your home page?

All URLs to your shop are setup via Tags. Your home page is controlled with the Default tag. A campaign with the Default tag will show on https://yourdomain-shop.prod.limio.com/.

How can I control the general settings of my page like SEO, fonts and colours?

General settings for your page are handled on the Campaign's Attributes. Here you can set up the following:

  • Meta Title and Meta Description: These are for SEOs and will be visible on search engines and browser's thumbnails.
  • Primary Colour: This determine the colour of the Basket and Checkout buttons.
  • Font Size and Font Family: Font size sets the general relative size of fonts of the page (see this handy CSS playground). Font family sets the general font of the page. Both can be overridden in your components.

How can I connect my Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel?

Please contact support@limio.com to help you get setup.

How can I add a custom favicon?

Please contact support@limio.com and we'll add it for you.

Want to control some other behaviour of the page? Want a component to be more configurable? Do get in touch at support@limio.com, we always love to hear about new suggestions!